The Gagosian Gallery is not known for low-scale exhibitions. And seeing Richard Serra’s work inside a gallery makes you think how in the world they have managed to bring his huge sculptural works into the galleries.

These new works occupy the whole space and transform it into labyrinths. They are all centrally staged and define the space in different ways.

INTERVALS is composed of slabs of steel of different sizes, forming corridors to walk through. The variable height ensures an infinity of views and approaches.

GRIEF AND REASON stand in the middle of a room and are imposing masses. You walk around them like a grave, like a monument, like a rite.

7 PLATES, 6 ANGLES is a zigzagging line of again weatherproof steel. It dictates the way you walk through the hall. Every angle seems to hold a promise, around the corner.

The tall plates form sharp angles that draw the eye to an infinite point. They are inviting as a road that leads forward. But instead of leading somewhere, after a few steps, one finds himself trapped in a sharp corner. As enveloping the sculpture can be, at some point you have to turn back and take the road in the opposite direction, the only road that leads somewhere.

Richard Serra’s monumental work takes on a whole different perspective on the scale of the human body and the environment. Serra likes to engage the viewer/visitor and make him move and interact with the sculptures. As minimal his work can be, as deep the impression it makes.


Richard Serra at the Gagosian Gallery

555 west 24th street, New York City, through January 25, 2014



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  1. Thanks for the great photo gallery of this fantastic installation! I was there myself recently and know how challenging it is to capture.

  2. also have a look at the photography of urbanmosaicnyc

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