It’s been a couple of weeks, but I couldn’t help gathering some images of the latest Comic Con, the convention of everything that has to do with comics. It’s serious business and for all the lovers of that genre it’s the occasion to dress up and step into the shoes of their heroes. A weekend of pretend. Of being someone you are not, someone you would like to be.

Normally it’s not easy to shoot portraits of people on the streets. But this is different. The days of Comic Con, people are all too willing to pose in front of the lens. Well, they have spent time and effort, and often a lot of money, to look like their personal hero or heroine. It’s their moment, their afternoon of fame. Or just an excuse to show off that expensive or elaborate costume that the rest of the year takes up so much room in their closet.

So there I was, shooting away. I saw the girls from Star Trek parking the Enterprise. Michael Jackson moonwalking. I also saw a dozen of Batmen, but only one Riddler. And Snow White, who looked like she had been attacked by Wolverine. And a smoking monk. And a bear. A cowboy.

Some of the costumes, I could pin down immediately. Some others I recognized but couldn’t put a name on. And the vast majority, I just did’t have a clue who they represented. Someone can help me out here? But they were all very convincing…

American people like to dress up. And it’s Halloween! If you haven’t decided on your costume, maybe these proud posers can bring some last minute inspiration.



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