(exceptionally from Las Vegas)


Recently there was much ado about James Turrell’s installation at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. But the long cues to get in and the noisy crowds didn’t contribute to a joyous experience.

So I was happy to explore one of Turrell’s installations in a much calmer environment, and all by myself! This light installation can be found at The Shops at Crystals on the Strip in Las Vegas.

Standing on the ground floor you have to look up to see these four geometric shapes cut out of the wall. Indirect and changing light creates the illusion of nothingness. It tricks the eye to believe there is nothing behind the windows. What you see is a sort of haze which makes it impossible to discern the size of the space. 

Normally this is the way to look at these works: from the outside in. A pity though that the shops in the mall, and everything around them, can be too much of a distraction. But very interestingly here, you can take the elevator up and land directly inside the installation itself. All of a sudden you become part of it. And the windows also allow a completely different view of the roof and skylight of the mall. They are like colored frames that, depending on where you stand, offer abstract compositions of the outside.

When Lady Luck has abandoned you, when you’ve had an overdose of bling, go and find some peace in this soothingly lit up jewel box.


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  1. daramark says:

    Very cool. Turrell’s work is mind-bending.

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