Bound to happen, now it is happening.

From the first day of its existence, 5POINTZ, the graffiti mecca of Queens, was doomed to disappear The owner of the empty warehouse has always welcomed artists from all over the world to spray-paint on them.

But an era is coming to an end, and maybe even as soon as December.

5POINTZ is to be demolished and will make room for two brand new residential towers with 1,000 apartments.

Money rules.

Or maybe what is happening here is just what was meant to be. After all, isn’t graffiti ephemeral in se?

Even Banksy, the evasive street artist, knows all about it. He has become so famous that his walls are highly sought after and worth lots of cash. This month of October he is doing a one-a-day stunt in NYC. Every morning, somewhere, one of his works pops up on a wall, as by magic. But, in spite of their extreme street value, his walls too, get painted over already.

The artists at 5POINTZ should maybe do the same: take to the streets again and surprise us around the corner in the morning. That’s how graffiti started, that’s what graffiti is.

But, one must admit, 5POINTZ is a great place and will be missed. Hurry hurry while it’s still standing!


See also post of February 11, 2013 :


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3 thoughts on “5POINTZ – THE END

  1. dianaed2013 says:

    What amazing graffiti – so much better than the odd word etc.

  2. I’ve photographed this area and it is amazing! Too bad they can’t figure out a way of incorporating this wonderful art with the new building.

    • The new construction will normally have some wall space for aerosol artists…but I don’t think they will be very happy with that meager comfort…protest is rising already, fighting the whole project…but most probably to no avail.

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