No, it’s not a campaign for greener fuel.

It’s a temporary installation of the epoxy stone and bronze sheep of late artist François-Xavier Lalanne.

As rare as it is to see a flock of sheep in the city, as hard it’s becoming to find a gas pump.

Next on the list of disappearing fuel pumps is the Getty Station in Chelsea, Manhattan. Although…

The gas station is closed and the plot has to undergo a drastic change. Since the inauguration of the High Line, the neighborhood sees one development after the other sprouting up, like mushrooms in a Pennsylvania meadow. High end luxury apartments are pushing the smaller businesses out.

Before the Getty Station is going to turn into another real estate project, it will be the stage for several artistic manifestations, starting with these innocent looking sheep.

And although you will never again get the chance to fill’er up here, the station is going to be preserved inside the new construction.

In the meantime, let’s enjoy this idyllic sight, in all its absurd splendor.


Sheep Station will be on view through October 20, 2013

239 10th Avenue, NYC

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2 thoughts on “SHEEP STATION

  1. Very nice installation. Reminds me of Haruki Murakami’s “A Wild Sheep Chase”, I recently finished…
    Thanks for posting!

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