Every year, when this season is approaching, New York is anxiously awaiting the reveal of Bergdorf Goodman’s holiday theme.

Described as the most luxurious department store in New York, Bergdorf Goodman spares means nor effort to magically transform its windows into the most exuberant festive display.

A far cry from the traditional end of year decorations, Bergdorf Goodman brings dreams in a completely different way.

Like Christmas itself, the shop windows of BG have become a tradition in their own right. And they know how to tease, and please.

Expectation starts building up when all of a sudden somewhere in November white sheets are covering the windows. Nobody is allowed a sneak preview, but it’s clear that behind the scenes frenetic activity is taking place.

The morning the “curtain” is raised, crowds are already flocking on the corner of 5th Avenue and 58th Street.

This year Bergdorf Goodman ‘s theme is FOLLIES OF 2012, a tribute to the multiple Award winning Broadway show. No place for carols or silent nights here. The windows burst with glamour and abundance. The sidewalk on Fifth is always packed with people blocking thoroughfare. Everybody wants to see the show. Everybody wants to dream.

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  1. Lieve says:

    …wow wow wow… roaring twenties mood, just what we need in this global economic crisis.

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