8 and 9 September 2012

For art lovers (and artists and just curious people alike) there ‘s nothing more exciting than to go and sneak into the artist’s very own studio.

Instead of seeing canvas, sculpture, installation and video in the white cube of a gallery, you get the chance to see the space where everything happened.
It’s like entering into the artist’s own private world. And sure enough, some studios look like temples, shrine included. Others proudly and clearly bear the marks of frenetic brainstorming and handling of loaded paint brushes. One thing is for sure: they all reflect the artist’s personality.

For the first time GO offered the opportunity to all its Brooklyn artist folk to open up their doors and let people walk in. Invitation nor introduction needed.
For the occasion an app was launched. A free download allowed you to register as a visitor. A map and a list of all participants made it easier to plan your itinerary well in advance. A matter of making a first selection, according to your personal taste and interest.

On the open weekend itself, and once you had started paying visits to the studios, each individual artist’s code could be entered on the app. Visiting five or more studios allowed you to actually vote for your three favorite artists. This interactive way of planning and visiting the studios, gave the whole event this special “audience participation” feel. And the best part: the artists you vote for become eligible to participate in an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum which is scheduled December 1.

Yes, I have visited several studios.
Of course I will vote.
And I can’t wait to see which of my absolute favorites have made it to the December exhibition!

(the images here include work of the following artists, in order of visit : Newlyweds (Mark Bischel and Annette Rusin), Anne Gilman, John King, George Spencer, Joseph O’Neal, Marc Lambrechts)

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3 thoughts on “THE ARTIST´S SHRINE

  1. paintlater says:

    I love 4,5,6 beautiful work. Cheers

  2. Through this blog post I became familiar with the artwork of George Spencer (the boxer paintings). I discovered more of his work online, and as a result, I was able to purchase a piece from him which is now hanging on my bedroom wall. I really enjoy your blog and now own a new piece of art because of it. Thanks!

    • Gregg,
      that is some great feed back!
      I had visited several studios and had to make a selection of the artists I wanted to appear in the article. Of course I picked the ones I liked most and thought had something to say, something new, something special.
      The visit to George Spencer’s studio was a mere coincidence, but I was very happy I just happened to stumble upon him. I spent quite some time taking it all in.
      So, I am happy you discovered Spencer through here, that you liked him, and that you now (like me!) have one of his works!

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