An anniversary without flowers, it’s inconceivable. Especially for a 111th anniversary, there ‘s never too many flowers.

New York’s finest fashion store Bergdorf Goodman was supposed to celebrate its century long tradition already eleven years ago. But in September of 2001 it would not have been appropriate, nor was anybody in the mood for big celebration. But now the time has come to have that huge party.

For this special occasion Bergdorf Goodman wanted to dress itself up in its finest gown and …flowers. Many flowers.
World renowned Belgian floral artist Daniël Ost was invited to make one of his signature interventions at the main entrance hall.
Daniël Ost is from Belgium (Sint-Niklaas) but works and travels all over the world. He has been responsable for many a royal wedding. He is especially loved and almost worshipped in Japan for his work on the Ise Temple Shrine.
When you talk to Daniël Ost, his love for Japan is a recurrent theme. He calls it his second home country. Few people have been able to understand and go to the core of Japanese tradition like he did.

So, for this special anniversary Bergdorf Goodman had to have the best floral artist in the world.

Meet the artist and his world.

I was led into the Bergdorf Goodman store not through the revolving doors, but through an obscure side entrance long before opening hours and the crowds.
Staff was arriving and getting ready for a special day and evening: New York Fashion’s Night Out.
I made my way through the jewelry section to the main entrance. My eyes were inevitably drawn to this overpowering sculpture taking over the whole space.
I found Mr Ost under a forest of bamboo, his eyes peeping above his round shaped glasses. He looked at me as if to invite me to go with him through his forest.
Hundreds of thick bamboo sticks are hanging in an organic formation from the ceiling. More than hanging from the ceiling, it looks like they are floating in the air. The clusters of hollow bamboo are like the pipes of an organ. Their verticality lifts your eyes up. There, like music coming from the organ, lilac orchids seem to tumble down from the bamboo. The higher you lift your eyes, the higher their density becomes.
Daniël Ost invites me in his sculpture. You can walk under it, around it. Or it can almost enclose you, envelop you. It’s a breathtaking entrance to the store. The most exuberant way to start the celebrations. A generous bouquet, made by the hand of a master.

(Daniël Ost’s flower sculpture will be on view through September)

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  1. A symphonia of synaesthetic impressions! Thanks for posting this…

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