FRIEZE-ing in NY!!!

The London based Frieze Art Fair has crossed the pond!
Created in 2003, Frieze has put up its temporary tent on Randall’s Island, New York City. I was invited by a friend to join her at the opening day.

Frieze comes as a fresh wind from over the Atlantic. This much anticipated first time in New York fair only brings art from living artists. A free water taxi takes you from Manhattan over the East River to Randall’s Island. A patch of land no-one hardly ever goes. The boatride only adds to the excitement and offers a free skyline tour.

A fair is still a fair, but this one tries to be different. The tent construction allows plenty of daylight to seep through. So no bad lighting here to make some works look awkwardly bad. The hallways are open and wide. And instead of making the most of the available wall space, galleries are sparcely showing works of sometimes only one artist. It is impossible to get an overdose on one wall. The art is given room to breathe, in this way allowing it to be appreciated at the fullest.

Art is art, and will always be subject to the most subjective criteria. Nevertheless, I think that any contemporary art lover will have the same overall impression: this is damn good! The art, or better: the galleries and artists, have been well picked. Frieze is only 9 years running, and it still feels young and surprisingly refreshing. It surely brings a welcome new vibe to the New York art fair world.

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