explicit haring in the water closet

It doesn’t happen very often that, in order to see art, you have to go to the restrooms. It’s very much the case though if you want to see the freshly restored mural by the iconic Keith Haring.

Anno 1989.
To commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Stonewall riots, several artists were invited to do their thing at the LGTB Center on west 13th Street in New York City. Haring chose the men’s room on the second floor. His black on white mural covers the complete walls above the white subway tiles. The room, completely stripped of the toilets and partitions, now has an almost sterile clinical feel to it.

Nevertheless, Haring’s mural is an unbridled celebration, explicit and raw, of gay sex.

Keith Haring died of aids only months after finishing this work. It might make an eyebrow raise. It may be ironic that he died of celebrating life.

That’s it maybe: the irony of life.
Nothing more.

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One thought on “explicit haring in the water closet

  1. daramark says:

    Thanks for the photos and updates on the NYC scene, Apple Bites. I’m enjoying your blog.

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